2015 Freelance Writing Statistics

Only 2 days left of 2015. Here are my stats for freelance technical writing I did this year.

I wrote 48 new articles that added up to 46310 words.

I also rewrote 24 other articles by others. There were 19412 words in total in those.

Writing delivered 19.2% of my income in 2015 before tax. I want to increase it to be at least 25% of my income in 2016. And then 100% at some point in the future a few years from now.

Some examples from 2015:
Building an Application Delivery Platform

DevOps – where software development and operations collaborate

Why Microsoft Lync is a business conversation first and foremost

Thanks to those reading this who commissioned me to do technical writing. I enjoyed it. I know you like the results. Looking forward to doing even more with you next year!