Back to programming basics

I bought myself a copy of the Pragmamatic Programmers Learn To Program book. I’ve decided to go back to basics and make sure I have a good foundation in the basics of programming before trying to build some applications I want for the Macintosh and iPhone.

Not because I have tried to build the applications and failed. I haven’t. No, I just want to build the foundations first before moving on to meaningful stuff. Sort of fill in some of the knowledge you’d get from doing a formal programming course at College or in first year University; but by self study. What is that term about a house built on sand…

In addition to the Learn To Program book, which uses the Ruby language for its examples and exercises, I’ve also got two entry level Objective-C books that I will be studying at the same time. These are Programming in Objective-C 2.0 by Kochan and Learn Objective-C on the Mac by Dalrymple & Knaster.

I’m going to use all three of the books at the same time by reading a chapter at a time from each. Is this sensible? Who knows? I’ll get back to you on that in a month 🙂

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