Books Read in 2023

Here are the books I’ve read this year.

Total: 4.

The 2022 list is here.

Currently Reading

The Many Coloured Land book cover
The Many Coloured Land
Escape From Model Land book cover
Escape From Model Land
Introducing Meteorology Second Edition book cover
Introducing Meteorology. A Guide to Weather

Finished in February 2023

The Compendium Of (Not Quite) Everything book cover
The Compendium of (Not Quite) Everything

Finished in January 2023

She Said audiobook cover art
She Said

I finished listening to the She Said audiobook. It’s astonishing. I listened to it as a direct result of watching the She Said film. That does an excellent job of summarising Weinstein’s horrible behaviour. But it’s just that, a summary. The book has much more detail. This is a must-read or listen. And things need to change to prevent other women from being harassed and abused by future Weinstein’s.

Humour Seriously book cover
Humour Seriously: Why Humour Is a Superpower at Work and in Life

This is superb—especially the final chapter and afterword. But you need to listen to the rest of it for the payoff. But all the chapters are good. It’s not about being funny. It is about levity and making yourself a fun person to be around, which makes things better for everyone in the group. Make transversing life fun for you and others!

Confessions of a Forty-Something F##k Up book cover
Confessions Of a Forty-Something F##K Up