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Lost legs quest

A man in a wheelchair came hurtling round a corner.

“I was in surgery yesterday”, he said to a man looking in a shop window, “just trying to find my legs after the operation”.

“You don’t have any legs!” the window shopper observed.

“I know that. Aren’t you listening. They cut them off during the operation.” the man retorted testily. “Have you seen them?” he continued.


The man looked disappointed. “Well if you do let me know”.

He hurried on down the corridor leaving an electric hum from the chair in his wake.

Vacuuming the cat…

“Where’s Bill?” he asked.

“Vacuuming the cat” she replied.

“What do you mean vacuuming the cat?”

“Like I said. He’s vaccuming the cat.

“What, with a hoover?”



“The cat came back covered in dust. Bill is using the hoover to clean it off.”


“It happens a lot. We think the cat likes the feeling of being hoovered so he gets dusty on purpose.”

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