Culture Consumed 7

More culture that I’ve consumed since the previous list was posted. Warning, mild spoilers in some of the items below.

Big Hero 6 – Went to see this as it was the only film showing that appealed to me one weekend in early February. I’m going to at least one new film every week. Big Hero 6 was the pick on the second week of February. It was good fun. Sort of Anime meets Pixar. 

Project Almanac – Another film that was caught in my one film per week net. It was okay. Geek flick. Weird Science, meets Groundhog Day, meets The Invisible Man. Addresses the consequences of messing with science. I enjoyed it. Laughed out loud three times. Forgot I was in the cinema. Fully immersed.

Geek Girl books – Geek Girl – Model Misfit (Geek Girl 2) – Picture Perfect (Geek Girl 3) – Geek Drama (Geek Girl Novelette) – All That Glitters (Geek Girl 4) by Holly Smale. Apple promoted the latest Geek Girl novel, All that Glitters, on the iBooks store. I’d never heard of the books before. I followed the link, saw there were previous books in the series. Downloaded a sample for the first one, Geek Girl. I was hooked! I’m so not in the target demographic for these books. But target demographics can look after themselves. Really fun reads. I laughed out loud a lot. Also learned facts. I love Harriet, Wilbur and Toby characters. Highly recommended. Great quote: 

You may be the only supermodel in the world who repeats the entire periodic table when stressed.

The Theory Of Everything – Went to see this after Eddie Redmayne won the Oscar for Best Actor. Holy cow. What a performance. It’s stunning. But the best thing is that it’s a good film. I forgot that it was Eddie Redmayne playing the roll. Felicity Jones is great a Jane too. Some people have complained about how the film portrays science, same with The Imitation Game that i’ve yet to watch, but this misses the point. It’s a film to entertain people. Not a documentary. Lots of people praise the science in Interstellar (though I don’t agree they should), and it was a poor film for entertainment. The Theory Of Everything succeeds as entertainment.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. I can’t remember how I found this book. But I’m so glad I did. Set in the Great Lakes region of a post apocalyptic North America. Over 99% of humanity has been killed by a very fast acting variant of influenza. In a few weeks nearly everyone is gone. Tells the story of a few bands of survivors. Also has retrospective storylines based about the life of an author who wrote, and self published, a comic book series called Station Eleven. All the life stories of the survivors are in some way intertwined with this comic book, its author or her acquaintances. The writing is sublime. The way the threads all come together at the end is superb. This is a stunning novel. Everyone should read it. 

Chappie – Story about a sentient AI robot. That falls into the clutches of some unsavoury characters just at the time when it is learning. Like a child learns, but greatly accelerated. I didn’t like this at all. Story was weak, the underworld stuff was grim, and some of the things done to the robot actually made me uncomfortable (not by the underworld characters it turns out). Ending was incredulous twaddle.

RED – Caught this film on TV. Film about a group of retired secret agents who get flagged for termination. Serious comedic violence ensues. It’s all good fun. Great cast. 

Predestination – Watched this on TV as a rental. I’ll be buying it. This is a film to watch again and again over the years. It’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen. Sarah Snook’s performance is brilliant. She should have won all the awards. It’s a time travel movie about a government agency that solves crimes. That’s the backdrop. But its not really about that. That’s just the framework to tell the story of Sarah Snook’s character. And what a story it is. Wow. Brilliant film.

X + YA film about a socially shy teenager who is really good at mathematics. He learns about the Mathematical Olympiad and makes it his goal to get picked for the UK team. Along the way he has to learn to overcome his shyness. I liked it. The end was a bit rushed, but overall a good film. 

Forever – Yay! Forever TV show is back this week. After the Christmas mission break. When did a few months gap over Christmas and New Year become a thing for TV series? Bizarre.