Deleted Xcode from my Mac

I deleted Xcode from my Mac. The two version I had installed were using 20GB of space on the hard disk. I haven’t used them for months. I just don’t have the skill or inclination to write software that I would be able to put on the Mac or iOS stores. I’ve enjoyed tinkering in the past just so I know what people are talking about in relation to Apple platform development. Other things interest me more now though. I’ll still keep REAL Studio on my Mac for the times I want to bang out a simple program for my own use. I’ll still keep up to date with GUI issues on the mac and iOS devices. So I’ll still be reading books about this. Like the excellent Tapworthy.

I guess this means I won’t be going to WWDC this year. I could justify it in the past but not now I think. Given the lack of Mac OS X Server content last time and the fact the Xserve is no more. Which may, or may not mean the death of Mac OS X Server as a viable server platform (let us run it in VMware vSphere!). It’s unlikely that the 2011 WWDC will have much enterprise ICT content to justify attendance for non-developers.

This means I may not spend at least a week in San Francisco in 2011. Yikes. Of course I have enough Marriott Hotel points and BA miles to go for a weeks holiday. Could even go WWDC week and sit in the sun to read & write during the day and have a few beers and concerts at night…