Ending a 40-year relationship…

I ended a 40-year relationship this week. It was a relationship that started in my teens, and over the years it made me laugh, taught me a lot, and on several occasions, made me mad! But circumstances change, and it was time to end it and move on.

I’m talking about my subscription to New Scientist magazine. It was announced this week that the DMGT group was buying New Scientist. The DMGT group is Daily Mail and General Trust, which owns and controls the vile Daily Mail. 

Of course, the usual assurances have been given about editorial independence. But do you know what? I don’t care if nothing changes at New Scientist as a result of this takeover. I refuse to give the £260 a year the subscription costs to anything owned by the DMGT group. 

So, after 40 years. My relationship with New Scientist is over.