Filtering the news

Everyone knows a certain subject reasonably well. It’s a different subject for everyone of course. Someone might know a lot about IT for example. Another person might be well versed on any number of other subjects.

Let’s assume you do know quite a lot about a certain subject. It doesn’t matter what it is. Could be anything. What do you think when you hear the subject discussed in the news media. Either broadcast or print news media. Do you often shake your head at the glaring mistakes, or shallow discussions, that passes for reporting of the subject?

I do.

There are lots of subjects that I don’t know much about. Lots, and lots. When I’m consuming news about subjects that I don’t know much about, I try to remember how they report on subjects I do know about. It’s likely that the reporting on those subjects I’m unfamiliar with is a shallow, or even as wrong, as the reporting on subjects I’m familiar with.

So how do we counter this? I think the only defence against being fed shallow or incorrect news, is to consume a wide swathe of sources. Including sources you don’t agree with, and then come to your own conclusions.

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