Flying above the clouds

I was on a flight this week from East Midlands airport, near Nottingham in England, to Belfast. It was about 19:00 and it was sunny with broken cloud cover when the flight took off. Once we got above the clouds the view out the window was stunning. Really beautiful. The cloud cover was almost complete when looking down, but there were lots of gaps as well. The gaps in the clouds were filled with a sort of thin mist. The sun was low near the western horizon and the light shinning through the mist in the cloud gaps coloured them milky-blue. It made them look like lakes in ice covered land. The low sun was also casting long shadows so the relief and 3D appearance of the whole scene was quite striking. Also quite alien. Our brains didn’t evolve in an environment where we saw many scenes like that. I wish I had a camera with me. A quick Google turned up the picture below. This is similar to what could be seen from the plane, although there were more clouds in reality. Still it gives an impression of the scene.

Clouds2 Click picture for larger view