Multi-format Reading

I recently re-read Dune. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read it. It still inspires me thirty-five years after the first time I encountered it. Interestingly the recent re-read was a mutli-format experience spread over three different formats, depending on where I was and my mood. I have the fabulous Folio Society 50th Anniversary hardback edition, the SF Masterworks iBook, and the partially dramatised Dune audiobook.

Dipping into the various formats was a surprisingly pleasurable way to re-read the book. The audiobook I listened to in the car when driving, and sometimes when at home doing some other task. Other times at home I read the Folio Society hardback. Mostly at my desk. The iBook edition was mostly read on iPad when in bed.

I liked this multi-format reading experience. I’ll probably do it again for other books that I plan to re-read. I’ve just started listening to The Silk Roads audiobook. I’m enjoying it so much I’m going to order the hardback edition as well. The iBook might be a step too far this time though.

It’d be great if you could buy a hardback edition of a book, at full publishers price, and get the ebook and audiobook versions included as well. If that was the case then I’d probably buy a lot more hardback books.