One Film Per Week 2018

The films seen in previous years are listed here.

December 2018
Sorry To Bother You film poster

10th Dec – Sorry To Bother You.
Rating: 8/10.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse film poster

8th Dec – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. Rating: 7/10.

November 2018
The Girl in the Spider’s Web film poster

23rd Nov – The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Rating: 7/10.

Widows film poster

10th November – Widows.
Rating: 7/10.

Juliet, Naked film poster

2nd November – Juliet, Naked.
Rating: 10/10.

October 2018
Bohemian Rhapsody film poster

27th Oct – Bohemian Rhapsody
Rating: 9/10.

Bad Times at the El Royale film poster

13th Oct – Bad Times…El Royale
Rating: 10/10.

First Man film poster

12 October – First Man.
Rating: 7/10.

A Star is Born film poster

4th October – A Star is Born.
Rating: 9/10.

September 2018
A Simple Favor film poster

22nd September – A Simple Favor.
Rating: 9/10.

Crazy Rich Asians film poster

17th Sept – Crazy Rich Asians.
Rating: 10/10.

Searching film poster

7th September – Searching.
Rating: 8/10.

Upgrade film poster

1st September – Upgrade.
Rating: 7/10.

August 2018
BlacKkKlansman film poster

25th August – BlacKkKlansman.
Rating: 9/10.

The Spy Who Dumped Me film poster

24th Aug – Spy Who Dumped Me
Rating: 8/10.

The Darkest Minds film poster

10th August – The Darkest Minds.
Rating: 7/10.

July 2018
Mission Impossible Fallout film poster

28th July – MI: Fallout.
Rating: 7/10.

Hotel Artemis film poster

21st July – Hotel Artemis.
Rating: 7/10.

The Incredibles 2 film poster

14th July – The Incredibles 2.
Rating: 9/10.

Ocean’s Eight film poster

6th July – Ocean’s Eight.
Rating: 7/10.

Leave No Trace film poster

1st July – Leave No Trace.
Rating: 9/10.

June 2018
Sicario 2: Soldado film poster

30th June – Sicario 2: Soldado.
Rating: 7/10.

Tag film poster

29th June – Tag.
Rating: 8/10.

2001: A Space Odyssey film poster

1st June-2001:A Space Odyssey
Rating: 7/10.

May 2018
On Chesil Beach film poster

19th May – On Chesil Beach.
Rating: 9/10.

Solo film poster

25th May – Solo.
Rating: 7/10.

Deadpool 2 film poster

15th May – Deadpool 2.
Rating: 9/10.

Life of the Party film poster

11th May – Life of the Party.
Rating: 7/10.

Infinity War film poster

6th May – Infinity War.
Rating: 7/10.

Tully film poster

4th May – Tully.
Rating: 8/10.

April 2018
A Wrinkle in Time film poster

29th April – A Wrinkle in Time.
Rating: 6/10.

Love, Simon film poster

20th April – Love, Simon.
Rating: 7/10.

Blockers film poster

9th April – Blockers.
Rating: 7/10.

Midnight Sun film poster

4th April – Midnight Sun.
Rating: 10/10.

March 2018
Isle Of Dogs film poster

31st March – Isle Of Dogs.
Rating: 10/10.

Ready Player One film poster

30th March – Ready Player One.
Rating: 7/10.

February 2018
Lady Bird film poster

23rd February – Lady Bird. Rating: 10/10

The Shape of Water film poster

18th February – The Shape of Water. Rating: 4/10

Black Panther film poster

16th February – Black Panther. Rating: 8/10

The Mercy film poster

9th February – The Mercy.
Rating: 6/10

Roman J. Israel, Esq. film poster

2nd February – Roman J. Israel, Esq. Rating: 7/10

January 2018
Death Cure film poster

26th January – Death Cure.
Rating: 8/10

Downsizing film poster

25th January – Downsizing.
Rating: 6/10

Coco film poster

20th January – Coco.
Rating: 10/10

The Post film poster

19th January – The Post.
Rating: 8/10

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri film poster

12th January – Three Billboards…
Rating: 7/10

Brad’s Status film poster

5th January – Brad’s Status
Rating: 6/10

Molly’s Game film poster

1st January – Molly’s Game
Rating: 8/10

Other new films I watched at home
Your Name film poster

10th March-Your Name on Prime.
Rating: 8/10.

Annihilation on Netflix film poster

14th March – Annihilation Netflix.
Rating: 7/10.

Deadpool film poster

14th April – Deadpool on Netflix.
Rating: 7/10.

Red Sparrow on AppleTV film poster

12th Aug – Red Sparrow on TV
Rating: 9/10.

The Death of Stalin film poster

30th Sept -Death of Stalin on TV
Rating: 6/10.

IGTFAT film poster

7th October – IGTFAT.
Rating: 7/10.

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