I recently (2005 to 2006) had some orthodontic work done to straighten my upper Social Six teeth. The social six are the visible incisors and canines in the upper jaw. I got the straightening done via lingual orthodontics where the braces are placed on the back of the teeth and can’t be seen. This worked perfectly and the teeth are now okay. I did have to get my normal dentist to remove some discoloured enamel and do some reconstruction. That was all done.

In the last year I’ve noticed some gum line recession on my upper teeth. This can happen after orthodontics. My dentist remarked about it at my last check-up and referred me to a periodontist. He recommended a gingival gum graft. In this small sections of tissue are removed from the roof of the mouth and palette and are sewn into the gingival tissue to reconstruct the gum tissue. I had it done this morning. It took about 2 hours. Ouch! It’s as gruesome as it sounds. They cut your gums and then harvest tissue from your palette and sew it into the gums. A tad sore 🙂 Much swelling and some blood! On antibiotics and pain killers.

it’ll be worth it as it’ll mean the teeth are protected from root infection. No pain no gain as they say. I was meant to be going to London on Wednesday for a work related session at BETT in relation to the new job I’m starting in a few weeks. I’ll have to see how I feel tomorrow but I can’t see that I’ll be okay to go. Not a pretty sight when somebody smiles at you and the teeth are all bloody.

BTW: If you are in Ireland and want contact details for an excellent orthodontist who treats adults with lingual (invisible) braces drop me an email or post a comment.

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