Ian Robinson’s Weekly Digest – 9th May 2021

Sound engineer at a mixing desk
Sound recording studio mixing desk, sound engineer or music producer working at new song

Another music heavy weekly post. There has been a lot of good music releases in there last few weeks. A silver lining of musicians not being able to tour? Who knows. In any event, it’s great! This weeks post also has seven other items if the music doesn’t interest you.



My headphones are like new again. Again!

My 13 year old Sony EarGuard PXC450 headphone cushions were dozing. These are the 2nd set. Sony don’t sell replacements anymore. So I ordered a 3rd party set from Amazon. 👍🏻 See pics. Last picture shows my DIY Bluetooth conversion 😬
Ordered spare cushions. Can I get 20 years usage out of them? 

The cushions on my Sony Headphone with the PCV flaking off
The old cushions with flaking PVC.
The new headphone cushions fitted
The new cushions. Good as new!
A BlueTooth adapter attached to my Headphones with Velcro
My BlueTooth DIY conversion!

Ian Robinson’s Weekly Digest 12th April 2021

Another weekly post with things that caught my eye in the last week that I think are worth sharing. I’ve moved back to Revue from HEY World for these weekly posts. The editor is just better for what I’m doing. Plus, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know how bullish I am on Twitter generally and Revue is now part of the Twitter family.
I still love HEY for email. But I’m a staunch believer in using the right tool for each job. And Revue is a newsletter tool first and foremost.

This week’s post has 8 items, and also 8 new music pointers. Read more at:

Another Spring Reboot

I hit 92 Kg on the scales again last week. I feel sluggish in all areas when that happens. So I’m rebooting my life (dramatic or what?) this morning. Back on several wagons that have been gathering moss for a few weeks or more. Healthy eating (and less eating overall), more walking and exercise bike use, more studying for things that I need to have mastered before I die, and lots more writing. Both for paid technical clients and for my own pleasure in the fiction and non-fiction spaces.