Even more on Aerial

Still listening to this more or less all the time, depending on what I’m doing. I’ve made a concession to the office. Parts of it elicit pure emotional responses from me. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up, I get goose bumps and am moved to tears in various passages. Amazing. Isn’t music one of the best things ever?

There is a PDF of a Nature article on the evolution of our brains and why we like music in the files section of the TalkScience mailing list.

Kansas board of education shoots itself in the head

The Kansas board of education voted 6-4 today to adopt rewritten science proposals that mandate kids in Kansas are taught lies about how life on Earth evolves. Evolution is a fact. If that pisses off some fundamentalist christians whose faith is so weak that they can’t accept reality then tough. More details at pharyngula.org.

In better news all 8 of the board members who introduced a statement about “intelligent design” into the curriculum in Dover, Pa. have lost their seats in the recent elections. That case went to court and the Judge will rule in January whether it violated the US constitution separation of church and state clause. On the evidence presented it should be a major defeat for the ID movement. Once that happens then those kooks in Kansas should get sued big time.

Update: More info at New Scientist.

The Water Margin

I really loved the Japanese television adaptation of the traditional Chinese stories of the Outlaws of the Marsh at Liang Shan Po. Do not despise the snake for having no horns, for who is to say it will not become a dragon! 🙂 Completely by accident I had the TV on the new UK ITV4 station last saturday and what was just starting? Yep. Episode 1 of The Water Margin in all its grainy glory. No digital enhancement done on this. Doesn’t need it. It’s a wonderful story. Think I might have to invest in the DVDs.

“The Water Margin – Complete” (Fremantle Home Entertainment)

I used to have the 7-inch vinyl of the theme song with an English version on one side and a Japanese or Chinese version on the other. Don’t know where it is now though. Must see if i can track a copy down somewhere. If anyone reading this has a copy let me know.

More on Aerial

I’ve been listening to Aerial almost continuously since I got it yesterday. For about 80% of the time I’ve been playing the 2nd disk, A Sky of Honey. It’s brilliant. The singling is incredible. I’ve said it before, but what a voice. The instrumentation and arrangements are good as well. Who said concept albums were dead? good to hear Rolf Harris on there as well. Still have to get into the A Sea of Honey disk but that’s okay. It’ll be like getting another new Kate Bush album next week when I listen to that in detail.

I’m really happy. After 12 years this could have been a disaster, but it’s not. It’s bloody marvelous 🙂