Real Formula 1 gaming?

I was recently slagging of Formula 1 as boring on Twitter. And it is. Watching it is so repetitive. But what would be really interesting would be to combine the GPS data from real races and F1 games, like that shown in the Playstation 3 trailer shown here, to allow you to compete in races that have just been completed. Take the Monaco grand prix last weekend. If the games companies and the F1 organisation made all the data for the race available as an in game download, via a subscription model, then gamers could rerun the race and try to beat the real drivers. The real drivers cars in the game would go round the track and pit etc., as they did in the real race. Using the GPS and other data that is collected during the race. I think that would be cool. And much more interesting that the real thing 🙂 There would need to be logic built in to allow the other cars to avoid you on the track and stuff. But that shouldn’t be too difficult to build in.