Spending freeze…

I’ve got enough stuff. I’ve certainly got enough books. Have a look at the picture to see a bigger version. It would take a while to read that lot. So no more books until I’ve read at least 90% of the unread pile. It’s a real and virtual pile. Many are eBooks on Sony Reader or iPhone. Two exceptions are the new volume of Michael Palin’s Diaries and the new Terry Pratchett book due in the next few weeks.

I was also thinking of buying a new electric piano and electro-acoustic guitar. Why? I’ve got a perfectly serviceable midi keyboard that sounds fine using the piano sounds in Apple Logic. Plus I’ve got 2 very good guitars already (well 1 at present an 1 on order that I’ll have soon). I don’t need any more music stuff. I need to use the stuff I’ve got to actually get something recorded that people won’t giggle at!

I’ve got enough computing power in my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro to last for years. I don’t need any new computers. Will I buy an Apple Tablet if it’s released. Yes. But I won’t be replacing any Macintosh machines for a good while.

So that’s it. No more stuff. Enough already! I’m going to spend the next 2 years (or more) reading the books I’ve got. Playing the instruments I’ve got. Programming the Macs I’ve got. Spending more time exercising. Saving the money and paying off debt with the cash not being spent on stuff.

I’ll emerge from this period smarter (due to all that reading), healthier (due to the exercise), richer (due to saving) and in a position where I can work for less money if I want to do a job that pays less but is more rewarding in other areas.

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