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Guitar update

Just had a chat with Andrew Guyton. He’s not happy with the repair job on the lacquer on the head of the guitar. So it’s going to have to be rubbed down and done from scratch. Apparently the 50 being made are all signed by Brian May, and the rubbing down with remove the signature. So it’ll need to go back to get Brian to sign it again!

It’s going to be awesome when I do get it…

New Guitar news

Got a call from Andrew Guyton today. There is good news and bad news about my new guitar.

Good News: The tuning problem has been fixed. An adjustment to the knife edge in the tremolo fixed that.

Bad News: Some of the lacquer has bubbled on the head around the tuners. Andrew is going to have to fix it. He might have to dismantle the head and rub it down and re-lacquer it. If this is the case it’ll be about a month before it’s ready. it has to dry between cats etc.

I’m okay with this. I want it to be perfect when I get it. In the interim I’m going to borrow the Burns Red Special guitar on the right of the picture on this page to do some recording when I’m off work for a week.

Guitar news!!

I’ve just got the following in an Email from Andrew Guyton:

Ok, I’ve attached a photo of your guitar. Must admit it doesn’t look very green in the picture, but I can assure you it is.The certificate is coming this Friday, so all being well, I’ll get the guitar on a carrier to you by Tuesday or Wednesday.

And here is said photo:

My new Guitar Click Picture for larger view

OMG! It’s beautiful 🙂 Cancel all appointments next week…

The plan

I like to set goals. I’m not that keen on keeping to them, but I like setting them as targets and frameworks to work with. I’ve got a set of personal and work related goals that want to work to over the next few years. Sort of my own personal Soviet style 5-year plan.

Work Stuff

Become the go-to guy for VMware VI3 questions and also for Mac OS X integration into Windows environments. Also be the person people search out when they have questions about current and new technology.

Personal Stuff

Learn mathematics. Using this selection of self study books:

mathbooks Click picture for larger view

I want to be able to read Penrose’s The Road to Reality and understand the mathematics in it.

Do several Open University courses to finish a BSc I’m doing with them:

S366 Evolution

SXN390 Science in Society Project

Do the Open University MSc Science and Society. As long as they let me in. [Update: They did!] I’ve pulled out a few courses recently and they have a rule that stops you registering for new courses. Which is fair enough. They don’t get paid by the government if people don’t complete the courses. In any event I’ll be doing something in the science communication field (including many more posts here on the Soapbox) as we need to fight the hoards of superstitious nut jobs. We can’t cede any of the ground won in the last 400 years with rationality and the scientific method.

Continue to work on some science fiction stories I’m writing. One is set in a space opera scale universe and the other is set in the Frank Herbert Hellstrom’s Hive universe.

Music – I’ve got about dozen songs in various stages of work (all have full lyrics). I want to continue to work on them and maybe package them together as an actual album. That’d be cool 🙂

Write a cricket match scoring system for Macintosh and iPhone using Cocoa. Unless someone else develops on that meets my needs first. I’d be happy if they did. Programming projects always bore the tits of me after the initial requirements specification and design are done! [Update: I’ve also had an idea for an app that uses the Twitter API]

We’ll see how I get on…

Song of the Day: Sometime World – Wishbone Ash

This is a bit of a blast from the past. First released in 1972 on the Argus album by Wishbone Ash. The whole album is stunningly good. I could have picked several of the tracks for the Song of the Day, but Sometime World was chosen as it is very, very good indeed. Wishbone Ash were one of the first bands to use 2 lead guitarists. The guitar parts are multi-layered, complex and, most importantly, sound wonderful. Sometime World has a guitar section that reminds me of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird . If you liked that you’ll love Sometime World.

My advice? Buy Argus 🙂

Song of the Day: Back Chat (Live) – Queen

The Song of the Day category is for listing any song or piece of music, that I’ve heard on a particular day, that has reached into my brain and lit up the pleasure centres! There won’t be a post every day I expect.

Today a song that I really enjoyed when it came up on random play on the iPod in the car, was Back Chat live from Queen on Fire – Live at the Bowl. Brilliant stuff. John Deacon’s bass playing is superb. I love this track from the Hot Space album. I was at the 1982 Milton Keynes Bowl concert. Right at the front at Brian May’s side of the stage. He does a sizzling lead break in Back Chat 🙂