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Testing Twitme

If everything works okay this post should generate a tweet on Twitter notifying people following me about a new post to the Soapbox.

EDIT: to see if edits generate Twitter notifications.

Soapbox and Twitter

Since I started Twittering I’ve been posting things that used to appear here on the Soapbox, like Song of the Day, as tweets instead. I can see this increasing with Twitter been used for short posts and this site being used for longer screeds. My 3 latest tweets also appear in the sidebar on the right here. If you are not on Twitter then give it go.

Inspiration matters

Garr Reynolds over at Presentation Zen has some excellent points to make on why inspiration matters.

(1) Never apologize for your enthusiasm, passion, or vision.

(2) Never apologize for being inspired by another human being.

(3) Seek out inspiration (don’t wait for it).

(4) Inspire others by sharing your talents and time.

(5) And no matter what: Don’t let the bozos grind you down, ever.

There are a few projects I’m working on that involve me trying to get people to change the way they do things. I’m treading a fine line between evangelising new technologies, solutions and products and trying not to come over as a zealot, at which point people turn off. The 5 points above provide a good framework for this process. Number 1 is certainly true. I believe passionately in the solutions I’m advocating and won’t apologise for that. I’ve found inspiration on many (too many?) fronts, so Number 3 is covered. Hopefully I’m progressing with number 4. Number 5 is for the times when you don’t think you are making progress. Well worth reading the whole post over at Presentation Zen. Check out Garr’s book as well.