Thinking of doing an OU physics & maths degree

Debating the idea of taking 6 years to do a part time physics and maths degree via The Open University. Just to give me a framework to teach myself maths. I really have a bee in my bonnet about learning maths. It’s like my own Mount Everest. The modules leading to the degree would be:

MU123 – Discovering mathematics
MST121 – Using mathematics
MS221 – Exploring mathematics
MST209 – Mathematical models and methods

S207 – The physical world
S282 – Astronomy

S382 – Astrophysics
S383 – The relativistic universe
SM358 – The quantum world
SXP390 – Science project course: radiation and matter

Then again I might just do it self study via books I’ve got and not get the degree. I’ve got one already 🙂 Could do a Masters in something else to get more paper!

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