Week 11 goals

Let’s set some goals for the upcoming week. Gotta set goals. 


Walk 20 miles for exercise.

Do 2 Fast Diet days.



Read chapters 11 to 15 of Maths For Chemistry.

Read chapter 2, ‘Thermochemistry’ of Chemistry (Housecroft & Constable). PDF available here. Chapter 1 PDF, ‘Some basic concepts’ available here, and Chapter 3 PDF, ‘Atoms and atomic structure’ available here. Maths tutor PDF to go with the book here. I have the paper edition of Chemistry. It’s great. Starting this OU course in a few weeks. Hence the maths and chemistry revision.

Finish reading ‘Flying with Objective-C‘. 

Read Chapters 1 to 9 of ‘Navigating Xcode 4.6‘.

Read Chapters 5 to 11 of ‘Programming in Objective-C 5/e‘.



Do 4 blog posts.

Add 2000 words to current SciFi project.

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