Another check-up bites the dust

With apologies to John Deacon for the title of this entry. Had another check-up last Wednesday. Everything fine and dandy.

Got the usual physical check of the lymph nodes in the neck & abdomen. Also had a chest X-Ray taken to make sure my lungs are clear. My oncology consultant has decided to stop checking for tumour markers in my blood every 2 months. It’s been 20 months since my IO. My markers were normal pre and post IO. Have been normal on every test since as well. I’m happy enough to stop getting spiked for a blood sample every 8 weeks. Next visit will be in 6 months at which time I’ll get an ultrasound exam of the remaining nut!

So assuming the X-Ray is clean (and it should be) it’s full steam ahead. The TC escapade is retreating further into the past 🙂