More drivel on BBC Thought for the Day

I thought that I was beyond attainment of a state of incredulity when listening to pious twerps try to justify natural events in the world. I was wrong.

If you want to listen to some idiot talking absolute nonsense in the face of the recent earthquake and tsunami then visit the URL below and listen to the tripe Elaine Storkey was allowed to broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday 29th December. This is a new low in the several thousand years of wreck and ruin religion has inflicted upon humanity.

I suppose I should thank the idiots who spout this nonsense for vindicating my rejection of religion as errant nonsense when I was about 10. But sod them. My wish for 2005 is that more people realise that all religion is an anachronism whose time has passed. Humanity needs to grow up and make a better future for all the life on this planet. Religion is surplus to requirements in the endeavour.

This link will expire at some stage. You will need to search the BBC Thought for the day archive to get the 29th December 2004 entry after that.