Giving up on Twitter

The web is full of articles about the tightening up of the guidelines and rules that Twitter will have for use of their API. I won’t rehash them here. Twitter have the right to do what they want. It’s their service. They have to make money to pay the VC’s and other investors they have. They have chosen the follow the sponsored tweets and advertisement model.

Most of the changes they are requiring from applications that display tweets (if said applications are allowed access the tweet stream at all), is that they don’t filter out the new Twitter Cards, promoted tweets and any other advertorial content that will be inserted into the main feed. Most people won’t care. Most people may not even notice. I will.

I hate ads. I don’t use any apps on iOS that are ad supported. If I can’t pay for the app to get an ad free version than I don’t use the app. The same applies for Twitter and other social network sites. I deleted my Facebook account partly for this reason (that and the fact that the content on FaceBook is mostly awful).

Whilst it’s true that the rules that will probably require 3rd party apps like TweetBot to display the advertorial content haven’t kicked in yet, it’s only a matter of time. So I’ve started to wind down my use of Twitter. I’m still debating with myself whether to just freeze it as is, or delete my account.

It’s all very disappointing. I loved Twitter. It was by far and away the best social feed on the Internet. But I refuse to be fodder to be advertised at. If that’s their plan I wish them well. I’m not staying to be part of it.

They won’t notice.

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