Tomtom sat navs are bloody brilliant

I wrote about buying a TomTom Go 700 last year. Since I started my new job, and have been doing more travelling to England, I’ve started to get hire cars at the airport and use the TomTom to get me to the various meetings I have to attend. it’s brilliant. Just type in the postcode and get directed right to the door of the venue. It’s definitely one of the best pieces of technology I’ve got. I don’t know why it still amazes me when I hear the phrase

You have reached your destination.

which it utters when I get to where I’m going. But it does. Much like the Sony Reader, I’d have to buy another TomTom Go straight away if I lost or broke my current one. The battery is dead on mine so I have to use it plugged in all the time. Not a major hassle. Just annoying. The recent map update has vastly improved the maps available for Northern Ireland as well. I see that TomTom are bidding to buy the company who supply the map data. For a tidy sum as well.