Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive

Warner have announced that they will go Blu-ray exclusive for High Definition DVD from May 2008. This is good and significant news. Warner have been releasing HD content on both of the rival formats, Blu-ray and HD-DVD, up to now. As such they are one of the main content vendors releasing movies on HD-DVD. Now that they are going Blu-Ray exclusive probably means that the format war is over. Sony’s Blu-ray has won. Good thing to. We don’t need another run of the BetaMax vs. VHS war.

Sure, Universal and Paramount went HD-DVD exclusive last year. They’ll have to switch to Blu-ray as the momentum in sales, even before the Warner announcement, was 3 to 1 in favour of Blu-ray. Granted the sales of High Def DVD’s are still dwarfed by conventional DVDs, but over time as more people get HD TV’s and Blu-ray players this will change. Warner have a huge back catalogue of movies. Having these available on Blu-ray only will be a major advantage to the Blu-ray disc camp. It’s not often you get to identify a technological tipping point when it happens. It’s usually a hindsight thing. The Warner announcement on Blu-ray is a tipping point.

Blu-ray discs are definitely worth getting if available, as I rave about here.

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