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Ian Robinson’s Weekly Digest – 9th May 2021

Sound engineer at a mixing desk
Sound recording studio mixing desk, sound engineer or music producer working at new song

Another music heavy weekly post. There has been a lot of good music releases in there last few weeks. A silver lining of musicians not being able to tour? Who knows. In any event, it’s great! This weeks post also has seven other items if the music doesn’t interest you.


Favourite Films from 2020

The pandemic scuppered One Film Per Week in 2020. It was on track until the 29th of February when I saw Pixar’s Onward in the cinema. It was the 11th film I’d seen in a cinema in 2020. Then I did a personal lockdown before it was official. I wasn’t back in the cinema until the 29th of August to see TENET. My final 20202 cinema trip was on the 14th of September to see The Broken Hearts Gallery. Making a total of 13 films seen in the cinema during 2020. Hopefully, vaccination will allow 2021 cinema-going to get back to normal.

From the 13 films seen I’ve picked a top 5 for the year. I think that these 5 would have been on, or very close to a top 10 list.

Little Women film poster
Little Women
Seberg Film poster
Birds Of Prey film poster
Birds Of Prey
Emma film poster
The Broken Hearts Gallery film poster
The Broken Hearts Gallery

Favourite Films from 2019

One film per week continued during 2019. Since starting it in February 2015 I have seen 263 newly released films. This year I saw 56 new releases in the cinema. From these 56 here are my favoutite 10. They are listed in the order I saw them during the year.

Happy Death Day 2U film poster
Happy Death Day 2U
Five Feet Apart film poster
Five Feet Apart
Booksmart film poster
Anna film poster
The Sun is Also a Star film poster
The Sun is Also a Star
Good Posture film poster
Good Posture
Farmageddon film poster
Last Christmas film poster
Last Christmas
Knives Out film poster
Knives Out
Motherless Brooklyn film poster
Motherless Brooklyn

I’m hoping to see 100 new films in the cinema during 2020. Taking advantage of MyOmniPass that gives you a ticket for every film for a flat monthly fee.

Favourite Films from 2018

One film per week is still one of the best decisions I have made in the last few years. Since starting it in February 2015 I have seen 207 newly released films. This year I only hit 48 in total due to a five-week gap in April & May due to a loud rasping cough that wasn’t cinema friendly. A few of the films I would have seen then I watched at home later in the year when they appeared on iTunes UK. With those and a few others that never made it to the local cinema, the total number of new films I saw in 2018 was 56.

From the 48 I saw in the cinema here are my top 10. They are listed in the order I saw them during the year.

Coco film poster


Lady Bird film poster

Lady Bird